Personal Statement

I am an independent Business and Executive Coach that provides coaching and mentoring services to individuals and companies that are looking to make a lasting improvement to their performance, make a breakthrough to the next level or need support to transition through a period of change.

I adopt a simple and pragmatic approach to my work and operate to the highest levels of personal integrity.  I work with you to increase your levels of awareness and encourage you to work towards responsible goals. I am selfless in style and foster a trusting relationship.  I draw on experience from operating as a Senior Executive in blue-chip companies, as a freelance Management Consultant and also a Sports Coach.  

I am currently working towards a Masters in Coaching and Mentoring at Sheffield Hallam University and Senior Practitioner status with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). 

The Coaching Process

I base my practice around established and accepted models of coaching and mentoring. I use various techniques to understand your current situation, raise awareness,  establish goals, explore options and develop a plan. The process is simple and can be transformational in its outcome. Coaching sessions are usually 60-90 minutes in duration, with typically 3-5 sessions required, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the nature of the work being undertaken. I work to avoid the creation of long-term coaching dependencies, but recognise that after an initial engagement, you may wish to ‘check-in’ from time to time or start work on a different set of goals. Either way, I commit to providing you with support when you need it.

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Coaching Philosophy

Across all strands of Coaching and Mentoring, I adopt a coaching philosophy that aims to
  • Facilitate lasting improvement
  • Work towards responsible goals
  • Be altruistic in approach
  • Be transformational
  • Have the highest levels of integrity
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