Pilates is a mindful form of exercise that is effective at improving core stability, balance and mobility.  It is particularly useful as part of injury rehabilitation and for improving posture.  I have used it successfully with a wide range of athletes to improve their performance in their chosen sport.

I have over 5 years experience as a Modern Pilates Instructor and have delivered sessions at athletics clubs, triathlon clubs, physiotherapy practices and in the community.  As a qualified Exercise Therapist, I also uses Pilates in one-to-one sessions with clients as part of injury rehabilitation or performance improvement.


I currently run the following open classes:

- Sunday Evening's 6pm to 7pm, Barnburgh Village Hall, Doncaster.

For further information, to check availability for places, to talk about organising a Pilates class in your club or company, or to book a personal Pilates session then please use the CONTACT form.
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